APSE is the only national organization that places its major emphasis on Supported Employment. We are a strong and rapidly expanding organization.  We are a coalition of professionals, people with disabilities, family members, employers, and other parties who share a common understanding that supported employment offers thousands of people the supports needed to work in their communities, opening doors for fuller community participation. Our focus is not specific to one type of disability or label; rather we promote access to quality supported employment services for anyone who needs this support.

Our goal is to improve and expand supported employment access, services, and outcomes. To do this, we must have an effective state/national partnership so that we can work together to meet these goals from the grassroots of the local and state communities to the federal level. Your membership represents a valuable contribution and a commitment to our goals. With a growing and strengthening APSE membership, we can offer the following benefits:

  • Belong to your state chapter and influence statewide policies and practices
  • Enhance your professional standing through use of APSE's endorsed ethical guidelines and quality practices
  • Be represented in Washington, DC for national legislative action/policy change to ensure quality SE services
  • Receive Action Alerts on state and national events that will affect your job, supported employment, and your future
  • Receive job search assistance when you move or change positions
  • Receive assistance in locating a service provider in your locality
  • Receive APSE publications free or at discounted rates and stay on the cutting edge of current SE news and events in the Advance, APSE's quarterly newsletter
  • Attend the largest annual conference on SE in the world, at discounted rates
  • Access an international network of partners in SE through APSE networks with the European Union of SE
  • Get help finding resources and technical assistance on issues you face
  • Receive updates on issues affecting SE through APSE's Web page and list serve
  • Vote on APSE issues, shape the future of SE
  • Attend and participate in State/Regional Trainings at discounted rates
  • Receive fax alerts on state issues and be represented in state level advocacy
  • Learn how to influence change through Public Policy Leadership Training
  • Participate in the Chapter Delegates Process, an avenue that gives chapters representation on the Board and influence on decision-making
  • Receive State Chapter Update (currently for chapter leaders only), a quarterly newsletter sharing tips on chapter development and other news
  • Participate in a united voice to make changes that improve and expand access to SE services and delivery of needed supports and services
  • Network with Supported Employment providers, leaders, and customers in your community and state, as well as nationally
APSE: The Network on Employment is a membership organization formed in 1988 as the Association for Persons in Supported Employment to improve and expand integrated employment opportunities, services, and outcomes for persons experiencing disabilities.  

To accomplish this mission, APSE:
  • Provides advocacy and education to customers of supported employment (SE), i.e. supported employment professionals, consumers and their family members, and supported employers.
  • Addresses issues and barriers which impede the growth and implementation of integrated employment services.
  • Improves supported employment (SE) practice so that individuals and communities experience SE as a quality service with meaningful outcomes.
  • Promotes national, state, and local policy development which enhances the social and economic inclusion and empowerment of all persons experiencing severe disabilities.
  • Educates the public and the business community on the value of including persons experiencing severe disabilities as fully participating community members.
Supported employment (SE) enables people with disabilities who have not been successfully employed to work and contribute to society. SE focuses on a person's abilities and provides the supports the individual needs to be successful on a long-term basis.
It allows people experiencing disabilities, their families, businesses, and their communities to experience the successes of people with disabilities. The partnership that SE has established between individuals experiencing disabilities and their communities is having a lasting impact on the way the public perceives people with disabilities. SE affords the public the opportunity to see the person for who they are rather than seeing the disability.
APSE is committed to Supported Employment and the impact it has on improving the quality of life of anyone associated with SE programs. In order to improve services and make them available to an increasing number of people who want or need job support, APSE provides technical assistance and education to people involved with SE, encourages service delivery based on sound values and ethics, and is actively involved in legislative and policy change for SE. To accomplish these goals, APSE was formed to provide a strong partnership with others who share this dedication to SE.
•   Reach out to businesses and employers to do training and presentations
•   Begin an aggressive membership drive
•   Complete membership directory
•   Increase family and consumer involvement in NJAPSE
•   Create a useful and informative website, regular update, insert the
   newsletters, events, links and action pages
•   Increase attendance at quarterly membership meeting
•   Update email addresses of members so that we can get information about
    meetings and action alerts out more effectively
•   Purchase a display board and update information
•   To do at least 3 NJAPSE presentations at conferences
•   Increase the number of exhibitors, sponsor and advertisers at the 2004
•   To produce 4 newsletters, which will get information to our membership and
   assist committees in their work
•   Expand the leadership network attendance
•   Provide ongoing information from state agencies to our members
•   Outreach to other organizations
•   Identify opportunities to improve leaders through trainings
•  To unite the job coach network with the leadership network and go regional
•   Keep membership updated on changes to DDD funding for SE
•   Advocate for increased funds for DVRS long term follow along
•   Develop and maintain consistent communications with stakeholders
•   Support systematic approach to COLA for DVRS SE fee for service  
•   Represent NJAPSE on State Rehabilitation Council
•   Advocate for increased resource policies that enhance integrated employment
•   To arrange workshops and speakers at the conference that provide the latest
    information and best practices on integrated employment and transition, are of
    interest to the participants, and receive favorable evaluations
•   To revise Transition from School to Supported Employment Fact Sheet
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